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Abbondandolo Edward F. (1919 - 1944 ago. 24)


First name and Surname: Abbondandolo Edward F.
Italian ancestry: Yes
Date birth or age died: 1919
Place of birth: Connecticut, USA
Place of birth (Italy):
Province of birth (Italy):
Region of birth (Italy):
Date death or imprisonment: 1944/08/24
Date death or latest report: 1944/06/11
Place of death: Italy


Country: USA
Service: U.S. Army
Unit: 11th Battalion, 141st Infantry Regiment
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Place enlistment: Waterbury (CT)
Date enlistment or departure: 1941/02/24
Component of army: National Guard (Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)
Place of imprisonment:
Imprisioned by:
Cemetery or memorial:
Date discharge or repatriation:
Residence: Waterbury (CT)
Citizenship: US
Education: 4 years of High School
Civilian occupation: Clerks, general office
Marital status: Single, without dependents